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I have always loved paintings both abstract and in particular portraiture, so my current studio practise is based on this. I like to take photographs of people at public events or private celebrations and then look through them to decide which ones are suitable to develop further into a painting.

My process takes me on an experimental journey and begins with selecting a whole photo or a section of a photo and experimenting by printing them on paper. Later I might enlarge parts of the image and print them again on acetate and will experiment with colour or reverse photocopying them and printing them again, repeating the process. Sometimes this can result in a ghostly or vintage effect.

Once this process is completed, I am usually still not satisfied with the final result so will often experiment further by layering the acetates on top of one another and taking more photos or scanning them again to produce more variations on the original.

While I am going through these processes I am thinking about the image and ideas are forming, whilst deciding whether I like the results or not. The next step is to try to work out how I can use my ideas for a picture. More often than not at this stage I have used examples to make a smaller abstract painting from the original.

I have found that by going through this process the acetate stage is an important part of the painting and become smaller works of the original in their own right. I love seeing the image as it goes through the various stages. It is like a metamorphosis as it changes colour, tone and sometimes form. This reminds me of nature in the way some things grow and change, shedding layers but leaving trace elemental forms behind.

Recently I have been making larger sized portraits. My use of paint has mostly been focused on acrylic work, this is not to the exclusion of oils but for practical reasons, as I am working inside and find them less odorous.

My paintings are large, colourful, bold, and unmistakably mine however I would like to attend the MA course to push myself further and develop my ideas into even larger more abstract forms and feel I could really benefit from the opportunity to exchange ideas with fellow students and to finely tune my practise within an excellent academic facility




2016-2020 BA(HONS)FINE ART Northbrook Metropolitan College, Sussex

Courses attended
2012-2105 Relief Modelling Workshop, Life Sculpture, Metal Sculpture,Developing your Practise Sculpture, Casting & Moulding, Morley College, London
2006-2008 Access to Fine Art, Hammersmith & Fulham
2009 Life Drawing, Macbeth Centre

2012-2015 Morley College, London
2006-2009 Macbeth Centre, Hammersmith, London
2019 Colonnade House, Worthing

Selected Group Exhibitions
2017-2020 Pop up First year Exhibition & Corridor Exhibitions, Northbrook Metropolitan College, Sussex

2009 Best Stained Glass, Arts & Crafts Exhibition, Hammersmith & Fulham